Publicly Reported Incidents of Bias

The incidents listed on this page are not a complete record of all incidents of bias that occur at the university.

  1. Not all incidents are reported through the Bias Reporting System.
  2. Not all incidents reported through the Bias Reporting System are shared publicly due to a variety of factors, including the wishes of the individual(s) targeted or reporting, confidentiality, safety concerns, conflicts with ongoing police investigations, and more. Incidents of bias that are shared publicly are those that are listed in the following section and/or have been emailed through university or division-wide notifications.

All incidents of bias submitted through the Bias Reporting System are included in a confidential aggregate report released at the end of each academic semester, with summer semester data included in fall semester reports.

The Bias Assessment Team reviews every bias report received and uses a specific title format to ensure consistency across all reporting methods: [Identity group targeted classification] [Incident classification] [Month report submitted to bias reporting system].

Aggregate Bias Incident Reports

Includes all reported incidents of bias in an anonymous summary.