Publicly Reported Incidents of Bias

The incidents listed on this page are not a complete record of all incidents of bias that occur at the university.

  1. Not all incidents are reported through the Bias Reporting System.
  2. Not all incidents reported through the Bias Reporting System are shared publicly due to a variety of factors, including the wishes of the individual(s) targeted or reporting, confidentiality, safety concerns, conflicts with ongoing police investigations, and more. Incidents of bias that are shared publicly are those that are listed in the following section and/or have been emailed through university or division-wide notifications.

All incidents of bias submitted through the Bias Reporting System are included in a confidential aggregate report released at the end of each academic semester, with summer semester data included in fall semester reports.

The Bias Assessment Team reviews every bias report received and uses a specific title format to ensure consistency across all reporting methods: [Identity group targeted classification] [Incident classification] [Month report submitted to bias reporting system].

2020 - 2021 Academic Year Publicly Reported Incidents of Bias

  • Date: Jul. 6, 2020
  • Location: Online via Google Business and Instagram
  • Summary: A fake restaurant listing that includes racist stereotypes and language towards Asian populations is found online through Google Business and Instagram. The account is believed to be created by and attributed to a CSU community member.
  • Actions Taken: CSU staff reported the listing to Google and Instagram and it was removed from Google. The fake account is still live on Instagram. The Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center released a statement denouncing the post and describing the harm it causes.
    • University staff extend an invitation to discuss the problematic nature of the listing with the CSU community members who created it, as well as the impacts of the action on the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community, but the invitation is declined. 
  • Important to Note: As described in the statement by the Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center, the listing propagates Anti-Asian sentiment through racist stereotypes. The harm is even more dire when considering it comes at a time when acts of bias and hate towards Asian individuals has increased due to racist narratives incorrectly linking the COVID-19 pandemic to Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) communities. Repeating problematic stereotypes, through situational humor or otherwise, is wrong and perpetuates systems of white supremacy.
  • Date: Jun. 11, 2020
  • Location: Loveland, Colorado
  • Summary: A member of the CSU community, who identifies as a person of color and is a member of the CSU Football team, was held at gunpoint by a Loveland, CO resident as he and a coworker were going door-to-door as employees of a roofing company.
  • Actions Taken: President Joyce McConnell, Athletics Director Joe Parker, & Head Football Coach Steve Addazio sent a university-wide email denouncing the incident. Because of the criminal nature of the incident, it is being handled by local authorities. The CSU Football team and coaches marched in solidarity for their teammate.
  • Date: Prior to Jun. 8
  • Location: Online via Tik Tok and SnapChat
  • Summary: An screenshot began circulating on SnapChat of a Tik Tok post that included violent language towards Black people and a racist slur. The profile information of the original post included information identifying the person as a future member of the CSU community.  
  • Actions Taken:
    • President Joyce McConnell sent a university-wide email denouncing the post and its content. A Student Conduct Code review process began immediately due to the violent nature of the language used in the post, which go beyond the protections of the First Amendment. CSU also notified authorities of the post.
    • Update emailed to university community on 7/2/20: As President Joyce McConnell shared with our community several weeks ago, in early June Colorado State University was alerted to several offensive and racist social media posts by a then-incoming member of the CSU student body. As President McConnell explained at the time, due to the violent and threatening nature of the language used, this post moved beyond the protections of the First Amendment and prompted a review through CSU’s student conduct process. The student conduct process has concluded with a determination that the behavior violated the CSU Student Conduct Code. As a result, the individual has been disciplinarily expelled from Colorado State University.
  • Important to Note:
    • Racial and ethnic slurs are a form of hate speech and have been used historically to belittle, intimidate, and dehumanize members of a certain race, ethnicity, or skin color. Racial slurs, whether used in off-handed comments, jokes, or, as in this situation, posted online, perpetuate harmful stereotypes and create an environment that is hostile, unwelcoming, and unsafe. 
    • While the First Amendment, also known as the right to free speech, prohibits the university from restricting the speech of individuals, the content of this particular post moved beyond those protections due to the violent and threatening language it included.

Aggregate Bias Incident Reports

Includes all reported incidents of bias in an anonymous summary.